About Us

About Us

47577770_Subscription_XXL (17)At Life Lab is name in corporate healthcare, ‘good health for all’ is the abiding focus. Recognizing the need for high quality diagnostics to nip developing health problems in the bud, Life Lab offers a wide spectrum of tests through its hospital and clinic facilities across the Country.

To expand the offering and increase its accessibility to a wider network of patients and doctors, Prime Hospital had launched… Apollo Diagnostics, a service fully dedicated to providing diagnostics for all age groups. The diagnostic services provide Life Lab’s healthcare practitioners with information about the presence, severity and cause of diseases in patients.

A team of expert pathology technologist and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, guided by Life Lab’s legacy of excellence, ensure the quality and accuracy of test results.

The focus is on delivering expertise that empowers doctors to make informed decisions, and patients with the truth about their health status.


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Primary Health Care
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Gynaecological Clinic
Diagnosis With Precise
Cardiac Clinic
General Surgery
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